Who we are:

The GBO RELOAD born from the desire of a group of friends , to try to solve some of the problems that most frequently afflict the shooters during the shooting sessions and often in the races.

The solutions , which we tried to give , are related to the charging of ammunition that each of us is preparing so hard and , not always, manages in the best way.

The most frequent problems are related to the deformation of the cartridge cases, which , after use are recovered for re-use of the same.

The Italian size 9 x 21 , as is well known , does not have any deputy dies to recharge , and that's all we use dies of 9 x 19 banned in Italy . The results are shells that once reloaded , have the classic hourglass shape . A solution that has brought significant improvements was the use of elongated funnel ... . but still we have not managed to solve the problem of bulging at the bottom of the cartridge case . The problem is more pronounced also .40.

How many of us have found themselves with shots that are not on duty comrades , and to restore the proper functioning , they started giving blows on the handle while holding the cart ? ! ? ! ? Of course the problem is resolved , but at what stress is under the extractor , not to mention the polymer grips of certain hand gun from the race ? How many passing shots in cage homes , they are discarded and must be re-opened to retrieve the components?

All such problems, as shooters , we have tried to give an answer that was absolutely certain , and most of the time about the indisputable achievements.

With the series of resizing machinei in the models before, to hydraulic functioning and only subsequently electromechanical , it has solved the problem of the bulge of the lower part of the cartridge case where no dies ... just manages to work adequately.

Subsequently it was decided to produce a dies dedicated to only 9 x 21 ... dies with tungsten insert ... . but already with insert shape tronconica !!!!

Regarding ricalibratrici the result, it was of such a level that it is provided for the patent application covering the idea .
This patent was already obtained in Italy and is proceeding to cover international !!!

Other solutions are being studied, and some pieces already made are being tested before placing them on the market officially .